Tumult And Calmness (Fine Jewelry)

The "Tumult And Calmness" Collection is, a fusion of elegance and depth that explores the delicate balance between tumult and calmness. Renowned philosopher Alain De Botton once said, "People look for their limits in art," and with this collection, I've pushed the boundaries of design to bring you a truly unique experience. At the heart of "Tumult And Calmness" lies a profound symbolism: a circle representing eternal movement, encircled by squares - symbols of stillness and strength. It's a reminder that life's beauty lies in the juxtaposition of chaos and tranquility. The pièce de résistance of each necklace is the magnificent triangular gemstone, a symbol of stability amidst the ever-changing tides of existence. But what truly makes this collection special is the intricate design within the squares, inspired by the rich tapestry of traditional Iranian tiling patterns. It's a celebration of heritage and the enduring power of cultural artistry.


Sama Dance (Fine Jewelry)

Sama literally means hearing, dancing and ecstasy. And in the term, it refers to a song that turns the listener's mood.

In "Sama' of Rumi", the hand that is towards the sky is a symbol of receiving the grace of the origin of existence. And the hand that is towards the earth is a symbol of giving to all beings. And man is considered as a mediator in this.

And the dress they wear in Sama is a white dress with a long skirt, which is a symbol of the spirit or spiritual world, which brings to mind angels.

"Dance of Rumi's Hearing" is a symbol of the unity of man and the center of existence. These gestures are a sign of Mitra's worship (the angel of peace and friendship). With the difference that in Sama, individuality is preserved and each person turns around separately and the centrality of this movement is man.

The idea of the first design of the "Sama dance" collection started with a necklace. This necklace consists of 24 people, 24 hours a day. The day a person hears that inner musical voice and stands up, another will stand next to him and then another. And this circle of unity is repeated 24 hours a day.

This collection includes designs with low carat gemstones, and in some designs relatively large gemstones have been used.

This collection includes designs with small precious stones and in some designs relatively large precious stones have been used.

Examples that are made entirely of diamonds are more visible in this collection.


Luna Eterna(Fine Jewelry)

Most of pieces this collections Crafted with exquisite diamonds and gleaming white gold, is a tribute to the timeless beauty and mystery of the moon. Inspired by the words of poet Paul Eluard, who wrote, "I have a sweet dream, They walk at night, With the moon, companion," I've poured my heart and soul into creating the pieces that captures the essence of being a fellow traveler with the moon. In the necklaces of this collection each diamond represents a star in the night sky, and the white gold chain mirrors the moon's radiant glow. It's a reminder that we too can shine brightly alongside the celestial wonders that inspire us.


The Iron Lady At Night(Fashion jewelry)

The Iron Lady wears her most beautiful golden dress and captures the imagination of the whole world.

She may not be in the president's house, but she can certainly be considered the first lady of the world.

The idea of the "Iron Lady at Night" collection is taken from the Eiffel Tower, which is called the "Iron Lady". When the Eiffel lights are lit at night, it looks like a woman who spreads her golden skirt over the city and gives the light that flows from head to toe to all the people of the city. The beauty of the Iron Lady at night is so much that it arouses the admiration of every viewer.

"Iron Lady" is a symbol of all women and girls who have risen from the heart of darkness. With all the pain and suffering, they built their pillars one by one. They have risen and shone beautifully. So beautiful that their light has spread all over the world.

So what better symbol to create a design to describe the Iron Ladies than the Eiffel Tower?

The idea of the design of this collection was inspired by a small part of the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night, and now its samples are available as fashion jewelry.


Soulmates(Fashion jewelry)

This design is inspired by the Greek myth of SOULMATES.
In “The Symposium”, Plato has Aristophanes, a famous Greek theatre and comedy writer, tell the story of the Soulmates.

As Plato puts it:

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

That time humans were very powerful creatures, fearless and strong, and even dared to threat the Gods. They threatened to conquer them and rule in their stead, and become the new Gods. So the Gods had to answer, and contemplated on how to face the humans’ threat and what needed to be done for balance and harmony to be restored once again.

So Zeus came up with solution. They would split the humans in half and punish them for their pride and hubris. Apart from the pain that would cause them, they would also double the population of humans, hence doubling the tributes that had to be made to them by humans. And so they did and the humans everywhere split in two.

continuation of the story:

These new creatures were living in complete misery, drenched in their pain and sorrow. They were so sad that they wouldn't eat or drink for days, not caring if they died.

Apollo, God of music, truth and prophecy, healing, and light, could not bear see them like this, so to ease their pain, he sewed them up, reconstituted their body forms and just left the navel as the only reminder of their original form. So, humans went from double face and double sex creatures with eight limbs, to single faced ones of a single sex, with two arms and two legs. And they forever longed for their soul and physical other half.

Their physical nature would feel a burning desire to be completed with the physical nature of the other sex, and their soul alike would yearn for their soul’s other half be complete, their soulmate. And according to the myth, when these two halves find each other, there will be a silent understanding of one another, they will feel joined and exist with each other in unison and will know no greater joy than that.